Quantum repeaters based on heralded qubit amplifiers

by: Jiri Minar, Hugues de Riedmatten and Nicolas Sangouard


UNIGE (University of Geneva) University of Geneva researchers have recently proposed a novel quantum repeater scheme based on the recently proposed qubit amplifier. It relies on a on-demand entangled-photon pair source which uses on-demand single-photon sources, linear optical elements and atomic ensembles. Interestingly, the imperfections affecting the states created from this source, caused e.g. by detectors with non-unit efficiencies, are systematically purified from an entanglement swapping operation based on a two-photon detection. This allows the distribution of entanglement over very long distances with a high fidelity, i.e. without vacuum components and multi-photon errors. Therefore, the resulting quantum repeater architecture does not necessitate final post-selections and thus achieves high entanglement distribution rates. This scheme also provides unique opportunities for device-independent quantum key distribution over long distances with linear optics and atomic ensembles.

Workpackage: wp-2.4: Design and comparison of quantum communication technologies


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